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Pathways to Success


The Pathways to Success mentoring program presented by the 100 Black Men of America is changing lives through real talk and experiential business training for diverse young men and women. The outreach initiative was created in collaboration with Wells Fargo Corporate Supplier Diversity and launched locally as a pilot by the 100 Black Men of Charlotte. Due to the success of the pilot, Pathways to Success expanded into a national outreach program of the 100 Black Men of America. “Our goal through Pathways to Success is to help our young brothers and sisters become either successful entrepreneurs or corporate executives,” says Anthony C. Perez, assistant vice president of real estate at Carolinas HealthCare System and national program manager of Pathways to Success for the 100 Black Men of America.

As a founding sponsor, Wells Fargo actively supports the growth of Pathways to Success.

“We spend six weeks teaching them about international business in corporate America where they learn how to write a resume, how to interview effectively and how to thrive in the corporate culture. During the following six weeks, we train them on entrepreneurship skills, how to write a business plan, how to market it, how to network, and how to create a formidable support team of legal and accounting experts. For the final two weeks, we pair our protégés with successful entrepreneurs and corporate executives to shadow and really see what they do.”

“We look at supplier diversity and development from a holistic standpoint,” says Tonia Woodbury, Wells Fargo vice president and business manager, Corporate Supplier Diversity. “As we work to develop a strong pipeline of suppliers, we must consider ways to engage the population of ‘emerging entrepreneurs,’ as we call them through our own outreach initiative, Leaders of Change. The growth of the Pathways to Success program further validates the importance of recognizing and supporting emerging entrepreneurs as a vital part of our diverse supplier community.”