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The torch is again passing to a younger generation of business, civic, educational, and political leaders, who together face enormous challenges in moving our state and communities towards greater social progress, a more widely shared prosperity and greater opportunity for all. While these emerging leaders are guided and driven by timeless ideals of equality, integrity and justice, they are also called upon to address an increasingly complex set of social, political, economic, and environmental issues that profoundly affect communities of color and particularly on the prospects of our young people. In their quest for solutions, they are compelled to offer innovative approaches that are grounded in sound practices.

The 100 Black Men of Maryland is guiding and supporting today’s young leaders as they work towards that perfect union envisioned by our forefathers. We are expanding and strengthening our capabilities, perspectives, and power in areas of critical importance to communities of color and the state at large. We invite you to discover how we are changing, adapting, and moving forward to ensure that the leaders of tomorrow can depend on us to help them learn, engage, and advance the ideas that will create a better place for all.




100 Black Men

100 Black Men of Maryland Welcomes You!

Be a part of an organization that is making a serious commitment to elevate our communities by improving the economic status as well as providing programs that enhance and enrich lives through Mentoring, Education, Economic Development, and Health and Wellness.

The 100 Black Men of Maryland is a catalyst for resolving issues of critical importance to the American people, with a special focus on issues affecting communities of color. We have an increasing level of commitment to impact the next generation.


100 Black Men

  • High quality programs
  • National and international networking
  • Diverse career profiles
  • Dynamic community and corporate partnerships
  • Commitment to community service

Real Men Giving Real Time®


Our Results



89% of our participants remain in our programs. 


Graduation Rate

97% of the young people who participate in our programs graduate from high school and/or college.


Member Participation

All of our members participate in 1 or more of our mentoring programs.


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